• I grew up in the small town of Granby, Massachusetts. Ever since I can remember I had a camera attached to me at all times and because of this I was given the nickname paparazzi back in high school. In 2009 I graduated from Westfield State College with my bachelors degree in Business Management with a concentration in Accounting. Though I work full time in accounting, photography is my true passion; it allows me to be artistic and creative.

    I may come across as a bit quiet at first but deep down I am very sarcastic and enjoy a good laugh. Other things I enjoy are spending time with my fiance Phillip as well as baking and scrapbooking. I am a country girl at heart and love anything vintage or antique.

    Welcome to my weblog, take a look around, I hope you enjoy what see :)


    Awarded Golden Feather Award for 2014 on www.onewed.com. Thank you to all of my wonderful clients for leaving me amazing reviews!!

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    Bio photos by Ian Pouliot of Nemesis Photo & Becki Martin of Becki Martin Photography

Dan and Madi are Married!

Back in May I had the honor of photographing Dan and Madi’s wedding at the Garden House at Look Park. Though the clouds opened up and it began to pour prior to the ceremony, everyone was in high spirits and had a wonderful time. Dan and Madi I wish you both many years of love an happiness together!! You are both wonderful people and your wedding day was beautiful!

A few of my favorites from their wedding.

I love this photo of Madi and her parents! They’re adorable!
We had a little bit of fun with vape smoke 🙂


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Old Car City – White, Georgia

As promised in my previous post here are some more pictures from Old Car City in White, Georgia. Our “honeymoon” spot. 🙂

This place was awesome! If you ever go down to Georgia, and are in Northwest Georgia be sure to check this place out!

I have several more photos, but here are a few to start. I will add more to this post at a later time.


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I am officially back in Massachusetts and OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!

Many of you have probably wondered where I have been over the past couple years and why I have not posted much to this blog or my facebook fanpage . Quite frankly, life kept me super busy and I had put photography on hold for a bit. As some of you know back in April of 2014 I put my home in Ludlow up for sale. At that time, my fiancé (now husband) and I had purchased a home in Rockmart, Georgia and were beginning the planning stages of our big move across the country as well as planning our wedding in Georgia. I didn’t take on too much work at that time because I didn’t know when the actual big move would happen and I didn’t want to make commitments to my clients that I was not 100% sure I could keep; I didn’t think it would be fair to them. Sadly, the spring, summer, fall and our small wedding ceremony in MA came and went and we still had no offers on our home in Ludlow. So in early January of 2015 we decided we were going to take a HUGE leap of faith and make the move regardless of the house still being on the market and not under contract. It was a risky move but we had our big wedding booked in Georgia for November of 2016. So it was now or never because we knew we had a lot of work ahead of us as the home we purchased was a foreclosure and needed some repairs and a big face lift on the interior…. and we wanted this done before our family and friends came down for the wedding.

We ended up making the big move on March 15, 2016. I cried the whole truck ride there.  I had never traveled away from home or my family for a long period of time so it really hit me then. It was a 19-hour commute, we only stopped for fuel and fast food. Luckily once we arrived the crying ended and it was time to get to work. We spent endless days and nights doing work on the house. The carpet was all ripped up and we lived with painted subflooring. (Don’t forget we were still paying the mortgage on the house back in MA on top of the mortgage for the house in GA). All the walls were repaired and painted; the laundry room was expanded nearly 4x its original size, and really the list goes on and on. Quick shout out and big thanks to my husband’s uncle Butch and our good friend Bill for all of their help!!!

Besides working on the house I was lucky enough to line up a full time job before the big move and a few short months later landed another great job right in town.

Georgia in general was a whole new experience for me, the way of life, the culture, and the people. It was all so different but I loved it! Just up the road from the house we had purchased 10 acres of land in 2013 and were planning to build our dream home there. When we weren’t working on the house we went to the Rodeo in town, the mud bogs, drove down endless roads of gorgeous fields of cotton and farm lands and spent a lot of time with two dogs who just showed up one day. Sadly, animals are not treated the same in the south as they are here; there was always a stray dog hanging out in our yard, sometimes 8, literally! But there were two dogs who just kept coming back. We named them Sadie and Buddy.

It wasn’t until the day of our “big” wedding in Georgia that we decided we were going to move back to Mass. I loved Georgia, but having all of my family down really made me miss being closer to them. Especially because we have young nieces, nephews and cousins. I told my dad that night, during our father daughter dance, but I don’t think he believed me. So one short month later, we donated a TON of stuff to goodwill, packed up what was left including Sadie and Buddy and moved back in December 2015.  It was very bitter sweet, I was super excited to move back closer to my family and friends, but sad to leave the new friends I had made and our beautiful home behind. It was a short ride (9 months) but it was a lot of fun and we were lucky enough to sell the home in MA in the fall of 2015 and both the house and land in Georgia in the winter/early spring of 2016. I think the change was good for me, I got to experience some things that I probably never would have if we didn’t move.

Here are some photos from our travels, work on the house and other things we did during our time in Georgia.

My handsome husband during our drive down 🙂

thumb_IMG_1557_1024 2

Our home in Georgia 🙂


The back yard



Some Before and After photos. These pictures really don’t do this house justice.. many were taken with a cell phone. It came out awesome! These photos also don’t show just how gross this house really was when we first got it.


BA-Living Room

Below are two different bedrooms pictured… but just to give you an idea of how much patching the walls needed prior. It was not until then that I fully understood why my parents never wanted us to hang things on the walls, especially posters or anything using thumbtacks.

BA-Spr Bdrms
BA-Mstr Bdrm

These pics are showing opposite sides of the bathroom. (The tub/shower was already there)

BA-Hallway Bath

See where the door is open? That was the laundry room… it was so tight that in order to open the dryer door the door to the laundry room had to be open… see how much it got bumped out?! It was awesome! I miss this huge laundry room!!


The Pups!!

Sadie on the left, and Buddy on the right.



The Rodeo in town

not a profession I would want!
One of our engagement portraits taken at Berry College – Rome Georgia by Everything Lovely Photography. I will share more of these in another post.

View More: http://everythinglovelyphoto.pass.us/philjaimie-signature

A few more photos of Berry College that I took in HDR. This campus was beautiful!

Berry College Castle
Berry College Water Wheel
Gate of Opportunity 2
The Possum Chapel

Rockmart, Georgia – The cute town we lived in.

This photo was taken in the center of town.

Rockmart Center1

These are two others taken in town, one is the old cement factory, and the other the new cement factory.

Old Cement Factory1

Cement Factory New

The gorgeous farm and cotton fields in Cedartown, Georgia (This is where country singer Sam Hunt is from!)


Georgia also had some of the most beautiful vibrant skies and sunsets. A couple taken from our yard.
One from our wedding 🙂  unfortunately it poured and was very cold for typical Georgia weather in November but it was still beautiful. I will also share more of these in another post.
One from our honeymoon haha. In all seriousness we didn’t take a honeymoon, moving to and from Georgia was our honeymoon. But one place I really wanted to visit before we moved back to Mass was Old Car City in White, Georgia. It is one of the largest junk yards and a photographers paradise. I will share more of these in another post as well.


Last but not least, a photo from Miura’s Christmas party, such a fun group! I wish I had a picture from my time at Surya but unfortunately I don’t.

The cake my coworkers got me on my last day.

Stay tuned for much more!!

If you are looking to book a session please do not hesitate to contact me! 🙂

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Barn Weddings

I will admit that I am a bit biased when it comes to this post as  my wedding and reception was held in a barn (in Georgia) and I have always loved the rustic, antique, country look when it comes to pretty much anything. But as rustic weddings have become so extremely popular I thought I would share a few beautiful barn venues in Western, MA that I have photographed at to help those currently planning and in search of the perfect barn venue.

The Red Barn at Hampshire College

located in Amherst, MassachusettsThe Red Barn is located on Hampshire College’s campus in Amherst, Massachusetts. It’s a beautiful red barn with lots of character and large windows for gorgeous natural light. (A photographers dream!) On the grounds is an enormous oak tree in the middle of the surrounding field which is the perfect location for any wedding ceremony or vow renewal! The Barn also features a large deck off of the side, perfect for cocktail hour.
Here are a few of my favorite photos taken at The Red Barn at Hampshire College.

Quonquont Farm

Quonquont Farm is located in Whately, Massachusetts. The venue itself is a large barn and also on the property are a couple other barns and silos which serve as great backdrops for photographs. For your ceremony you can get married in the barn or among the beautiful apple orchards surrounding the venue.
Here are a few of my favorite photographs from this venue.

Salem Cross Inn

The Salem Cross Inn is located in West Brookfield, Massachusetts. This barn has a ton of character due to its age, history and all of the antiques hung from the walls and ceilings and also features a loft for additional seating. At the Salem Cross Inn the barn is connected to a beautiful colonial home and is surrounded by gorgeous farmlands. Here are a few of my favorite images I have photographed at this venue.


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Jessica – Family

My most favorite time of year is the fall! Jessica contacted me about photographing her beautiful daughter as well and her boyfriend and herself. Jessica and her daughter have such gorgeous red hair (i wish this was my natural color) and it went perfect with the backdrop of apple trees and the colored leaves on the maple trees. We photographed her session at Outlook Farms in Westhampton Ma on a chilly fall day. Jessica’s daughter has such a spunky, fun personality. She is just a ball of laughter and was such a joy to work with. Check out some of my favorites below from their session.


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