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Will & Dana

Will and Dana got married on the 4th of July! I have actually known Will for quite a few years, we used to work together at Big y years ago. It was great to see him again after so many years and its quite obvious how much in love he is with Dana. Dana you […]

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Dave Congo - I love these pictures! Especially the neat viewpoint of the first picture and the more candid feel of the pictures of them on the swings and at the park bench. And I like how you included a close up of the rings too. Awesome!

Rich & Tammy

Rich and Tammy’s wedding was nothing short of beautiful and filled with love with the joining of two families. Rich and Tammy I had a blast working with the two of you as well as your friends and family. I wish you both lots of love and happiness for years to come! Some favorites from […]

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Dave Congo - Great pictures, Jaime! The picture of the family members in formation in front of the tree came out especially nice. And I love the shot of the whole ceremony area too!

And the Winning couple is……

First of all I want to thank all three couples for being a part of the wedding goodies give away contest! I really enjoyed learning more about each of you and how you met and fell in love. I have to admit that choosing the winner was extremely difficult. There were things that really stood […]

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Heather - OHHH, CHASSIDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew you guys would win!!!!

William and LaDana Contestants #1

William and LaDana, met in June of 2008, pretty much once we went on our first date or two we knew it was meant to be, however we were both shy towards each other as we both were recently our of serious relationships.ย  About a year later on July 5th 2009 we got engaged, and […]

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Kendall Moseley - I cast my vote for LaDana & Will

Waynetta Lou Moseley - LaDana & Will should win

Waynetta Lou Moseley - Such beautiful pictures LaDana & Will

Waynetta Lou Moseley - I vote for Ladana & Will

shana bauman - My vote is for LaDana and Will! A great looking couple!

John Lamons - i vote for will and ladana

Laura Lamons - i vote for ladana and will

Lisa Golden - May you have a happy life together…

Dollia Bolling - Beautiful picture! I vote for LaDana and Will.

Waynetta Lou Moseley - I vote for Ladana & Will.

Debbie Warren - I vote for LaDana and Will

Julie Warren - i vote for ladana and will

John lamons - I vote will and ladana

Laura Lamons - I vote for ladana and will!

Gretchen - You guys should definitely win!!!!

Tina Coy - I vote for Will and LaDana!!!

shannon - *

Mary Anne - Good Luck

Dana Thorp - My vote for Ladana & Will

Tully Thorp - voting for Will and Ladana my favorites

Dave Congo - MY VOTE!

Evelyn Powell - Wishing you the best of luck!

Will - Another Vote for me!!!

Laura Lamons - I vote for will and ladana

John Lamons - I vote for ladana and will

Gretchen - You two have my vote!!! Beautiful pics!

Peggy Watson - here’s a vote for Ladana and Will

Debbie Warren - Voting for LaDana and Will – what a sweet couple.

Dana Thorp - I am voting for Ladana & Will

Tully Thorp - I vote for Will & Ladana

Kristi - You guys rock! Love the pic ๐Ÿ™‚

Dave Congo - Dave’s vote = William & LaDana

joseph loftus - i vote for will and dana

andrea garon - i vote for will and dana!!!

Richard Tufo - I vote Will and Dana

ladana - william and ladana!!!

Dana Thorp - My vote of Ladana and Will. Look great!

John Lamons - I vote for ladana and will!

Laura Lamons - I vote for ladana and will!!

will - Vote For Dana and Will

Jenny Lee - My vote is for Will & LaDana ๐Ÿ™‚

Richard Tufo - i vote for will and dana

Peggy Watson - hope you get to #1

Pam Scalzo - Awesome pic! Best of luck in the contest, can’t wait to see you as the WINNERS!

Donna Lowney - I vote for this couple to win. Great photo

terri - You look fabulous. You’ve got our vote. Best of luck.

Andrea Garon - My vote is for these two lookers!!

Peggy Watson - voting for Ladana and Will. I hope you win! you look great

Cindy Donovan - A vote for Ladana & Will. Congratulations!

Paul Mowat - Wishing you all the best, hope you win!

Dave Congo - I vote for William & Ladana!

Love this picture!

Richard Tufo - Great Picture!!!

ladana - vote for LaDana and Will ๐Ÿ™‚

Jeffery & Chassidy Contestants #2

Chassidy’s lovely future sister-in-law and wedding planner entered them into this contest. A little about the two of them. Chass and Jeff have been together since Junior Year in high school… 10 years now!ย  They support each other in everything they do in every aspect of their lives.ย  Jeff has been playing hockey all his […]

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Kathy - vote

Allison - Best of Luck! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you win!

Kim - Hope you win!

Peter - My vote is for Chassidy & Jeff!

Linda - My votes for you! Best of luck!

Mike - Vote

Pat - Vote!

Christian - Vote x2 I missed a day…my bad.

Naomi Lynn - Win!

pat quinn - vote

Chassidy - This is such a good photo. This is at the Boston Bruin’s game #7 vs. Montreal Canadiens. They won this game and this picture is actually being taken by a Montreal Canadien’s fan after the game. lol..Well I hope you vote for Jeff and I. We would really appreciate it and thanks to all who have already voted. Ciao!!

kim - so cute! totally deserving! good luck!