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Josean & Aimee Contestants #3

Josean and I are a couple who have practically grown up together.  We met when I was only fourteen years old and I am now Twenty five.  We went to each others high school proms, we were together when we graduated high school and while both of us went to college.  We are finally getting […]

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Jamie and the girls - we vote for you !!!hope you win!!!

carol - Vote for Aimee and Joean! They deserve the prize of being photographed by Jaime.

Carol K - No two kids more deserving of winning this contest. They have two beautiful baby boys and such love to share for them as well as each other. The pictures that Jaime took of their precious little cherbs was absoultely wonderful. If they were to win this contest they would have wonderful photos of their marriage to share with family and friends. The wedding day is like no other day to capture on film and preserve such wonderful memories for their lifetime.

Jasmine Delgado - I vote for aimee and josean u guys are such a cute couple and I have known aimee for ever u deserve this love u gurl and good luck and god bless ur family!

Riché - Aimeé and Josean, I’m sure your wedding day will be perfect regardless of the results of this contest. However, I know winning this would mean the world to both of you. I wish I had an opportunity like this when I got married 20+ years ago. Best of Luck and lots of love from both of us!

Marc - Here’s hoping the final posts make the winning difference. Best of luck to you. I know how much this means to both of you.

Jackie - I love the picture.

Aimee's father - Another vote Aimee’ & Josean

How can you not vote for this. The boys in M&M outfits.
Aimee’ father

Andrea Reilly - Hey Aimee, i hope you win this! 🙂 Your boys are so cute btw.

anisa mckenzie - vote for themm . !

joandeliz - vote for themm . !

eneida - voteee . ! (:

Sherri DuBois - one last post for Aimee & Josean!

Chris - Good luck guys… Hope you win!

vilma figueroa - I vote for Aimee and Josean

Marc - Aimeé and Josean are looking forward to winning this contest. We all are very impressed by your work and would love to see what you’ll come up with for the wedding pictures. Especially those of her “crazy” large family – so many aunts and uncles.

Riche - Here’s hoping Aimeé and Josean win! With all this support how could you not.

Dad - Another vote for Aimee’ & Josean.

It’s been great following your work of my grand children.
I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Aimee’s father.

Holly - The twins picture is by far my favorite photo! Wish I had one like that of my guys when they were that little. Good luck with this contest, here is one more comment toward you guys winning!!!

Sherri DuBois - Girl meets boy, they fall in love, now it’s time to get married. What better way to capture the event with Jaime’s Photography.
A vote for Aimee & Josean!

Chassie - go go go aimee!!

Janitza - Almost forgot to vote today. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Dad - I vote for Aimee’ & Josean.
Jaime, keep up the great work.
Because of your continuous hard work I know Aimee’ & Josean will be enjoy there photos for years to come.
Thanks in advanced.
Aimee’s dad.

Liz Elias - I vote for Josean & Aimee!

Lisa Lewis - Good Luck with both the wedding and this competition! My vote is for you!

shannon - I vote for this couple!

penn - After taking care of twin boys they deserve this

Sherri DuBois - Vote for Aimee &. Josean. A wedding to be remembered with Jaimes phothgraphy

Mary lou Da Costa - My vote is for Aimee & Josean, good luck guys!

Robin Hackett - Vote! Vote ! Aimee and Josean surely would love to have the opportunity to recieve the greatest wedding pics……so be sure to Vote for them. 🙂

Lindsay Hackett - I vote for Aimee and Josean

Marc - My votes for Aimeé and Josean all the way!

Riché - This would mean so much to Aimeé and Josean. Hope my votes are counting!!!!

Edward Blair - I wish you both the best of luck and hope you win.

Tempyl Blair - This Photo is just adorable and you two deserve to best and to win.

Diane Sanchez - Beautiful pictures of beautiful baby boys! My vote is for the best for Aimee’ and Josean’s wedding.

Lindsay Hackett - Hope you guys win, you have lots of family and friends supporting you for a good cause.

Robin Hackett - OMG the photos of the twins are amazing, if Aimee and Josean win it will be so exciting to have their wedding captured by you.What precious memories they will be rewarded with.

Sherri DuBois - My vote is for Aimee & Josean!!
p.s. tried to vote on Facebook but the expiration date says March 31st and is out dated…but is clearly not go Aimee & Josean!!!

Janitza - Good luck! Hope everything works out in your favor.

Laura & George May - Have known Aimee and her family for many years and what a deserving couple they are and would love to see mom and dad of beautiful twins win this amazing prize so that they will have cherished memories for years to come. My vote’s with them. All the best,
Laura (and George)

Jacob DuBois - Hope You Guys Win! Ill definatly spread the word to have people comment on here!

Brant DuBois - Great Photo, good luck, my vote is for Aimee & Josean.

Laurie DuBois - Good Luck! My vote is for Aimee & Josean.

Brant DuBois - Great Photo, good luck guys hope you win!

David Stevens - Voting for Josean and Aimee because Tiny loves technology!!!

Melissa Donnis - Voting for Tiny and Aimee because they have some cute little kids!!! And are going to have a great life together!!!

Daniel Pfeifer-Kotz - My vote if for Amiee and Josean good luck guys see you soon.

JP - I know how much they both love your work!

Robin Hackett - Good luck josean and aimee

Lindsay Hackett - I vote for Aimee and Josean………….much luck to both of you

eneida - vote for them . !

anisa mckenzie - vote for them ; good luckk .

joandeliz jimenez - vote for aimee & josean (:

Vilma Figueroa - My vote is for Josean and Aimee.

heather - i hope you guys win and congradulations on getting married

Holly - Great Photo guys good luck and see you soon!

Wade - Their babies made the best picture… the others were great too but how can you not love the twins?

Tiny - Good luck to the both of you!!!

Osvaldo - Best wishes!!!

Ashley Gonzalez - Best wishes to the both of you… you deserve to always be happy!!!

Adam & Kristel - Hope you guys i know how much you guys like her work

Riche - Here’s another vote for Aimee and Josean. Good Luck you guys!!!

Johanna Dudunake - Josean aka “Tiny” and Aimee are two of the most laid back, hard-working people you could ever meet & work with, and I can’t think of another more deserving couple to win this contest, then them!!! Good Luck you Lovebirds!!!!

learis gonzalez - great pic guys good luck with everything. I wish u guys the best and your children god bless your family.

Melissa Donnis - My vote is for Josean and Aimee!!!!

Gina AubeLanney - You’ve got my vote. Good Luck I hope you win… Best Wishes!

Diana merced - Good luck to amiee and josean hope you guys win !!:)

Kiernan Middleman - Amiee and Josean are such a great couple! I hope they win!

Kelly Mularski - Good Luck and your baby boys are the cutest…Maybe one of them will be Madison’s future Boyfriend… LOL!!!

Chef Teigh Brown - As a fellow Gourmet Chef, I know of and understand the hard ,long hours that Josean puts in every day of every week to support his family. He is a dedicated father and husband, who deserves any and all help he can get in making his dream wedding come true.

Erin DuBois - Hey guys, I think you totally deserve this!! 🙂

chino nguyen - beautifull pictured .good luck guys


Naidine Maldonado - Josean,, wow,, i grew up with Josean, we went to the same high school went on are grand nite trip to florida that was fun,,the best friend i ever had in school i can say… about amy i met her once, they really look happy, they have 2 adorable twins they deserve this competition… good luck…

LILLIAN - vote for this beautiful couple

Baker Steve - Look how great Josean looks!!! I’m voting for him, er, them!!

Riché - Supporting a vote for Aimee and Josean. Good Luck!!!!

Lindsay Hackett - Aimee and Josean I wish you the best, Good Luck

Darin - Vote for Aimee’ and Josean,

It would mean the world to both Aimee’ and Josean if they were selected winners of this prize package.
I’m very impressed with your work and I know Aimee’ and Josean will be very pleased in what you can do for them.


Robin Hackett - I would like to vote for “Aimee and Josean” such a great couple, they deserve the best.

Cheri Ludwiczak - I hope you two win!! You totally deserve it after taking care of those beautiful boys.

Vilma Figueroa - Vote For Aimee and Josean.
Vilma and Chino

Aimee - Vote for us!!!