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I photographed Ashley’s senior portraits a couple weeks ago at Mt Holyoke College. Isn’t she cute! I had a great time working with both her and her parents. Some of my favorites!

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Dave Congo - These pictures are beautiful, Jaime! I especially like the zoomed out view with the pillars of the “stadium area” and the one of her lying on the edge of the bricks near the lawn (it has a great shot of the college to accompany it in the background). Awesome!


Isn’t he the cutest thing ever! This little one was maybe 5-10 days old in these photos and he was already picking his head up! I just bought these cute hats and was so excited to try them out (i have some for girls too!). But more photos less talk… here is the adorable Maxim!

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Dave Congo - Very cute pictures! I love the hat! ๐Ÿ™‚

My cupcake obsession

I don’t know about many of you but i LOVE sweets and what i love more than sweets is baking sweets! I have been baking for quite a few years now, i find it to be relaxing… and when i bake, i bake a lot. One year for Thanksgiving i sold cookie platters where i […]

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Dave Congo - You make the best treats! And that kit looks pretty cool! Hope you have lots of fun with it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Will & Dana

Will and Dana got married on the 4th of July! I have actually known Will for quite a few years, we used to work together at Big y years ago. It was great to see him again after so many years and its quite obvious how much in love he is with Dana. Dana you […]

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Dave Congo - I love these pictures! Especially the neat viewpoint of the first picture and the more candid feel of the pictures of them on the swings and at the park bench. And I like how you included a close up of the rings too. Awesome!