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Rob & Vania

Wow has it been a busy summer! But I am not complaining one bit, I have enjoyed every minute to it! Back in July I made plans with Kelly of Kelly Roy Photography in Maine to meet up and do a trash the dress shoot. Kelly called up past clients of hers Rob & Vania […]

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wendy - Hi
I saw your trash the dress session with Vania and Rob.
Wow this is realy nice work!
I hope you are still in touch with Vania!
Please ask her not to toss her wedding dress please as I really want to buy the trashed dress as is!
I do buy trashed dresses from all over the world, as I really don’t want to see the dress go in a waste bin while I surely can help brides in need who can’t pay for a wedding dress.
After I’ve restored the dress I donate the dress to them.
I hope you can pass my inquiry immediately to her as I want to prevent she tosses the dress!
You or she can contact me at for more info.
I pay with Paypal upfront before she has to send the dress.
Thank you for your prompt action and answer.

Dave Congo - These pictures are awesome! I love the location. It makes for great scenery! The pics near/in the water are my favorites (and the heart in the sand), but I love the pictures on the pier too!